Monday, July 25, 2016

Moving in and 2016 summer begins

These pictures are all in reverse order...

Carter got to attend Cub Scout Camp with his new Den in June.  Doing archery.

My cute Bear Scout.

Carving soap at scout camp.

April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day and we all wear blue!

Emmee and her diaper bonnet.

Ryan made some friends at the park and he was loving it!

Movies during spring break

Salt Lake City cemetery during spring break.  We went on a hunt for all the different headstones of church leaders.

My cousin, Ashley Shin, gave Haylee her first Utah haircut.

We hiked up to the Battlecreek Waterfall.  

Even Haylee and Ryan loved playing in the stream by the waterfall.

Little Tobee man was born in April!

We closed on our home in Eagle Mountain in April too!

Ryan found the ash pile in Grandpa's yard.

Covered in ash.

Carter and Olivia's new Eagle Mountain School....Hidden Hollow.
Do you think that a lot of kids ride their bikes to school?

Move-in Day!  This was one of two trucks.  So grateful we had movers to move us.  Makes things so much less stressful!

We woke up on our first Sunday morning and this was my view from our new bedroom.  Oquirrh Mountain range in the distance.

We got to go see another of Max's plays.

Ryan hates the chip in his new bathtub.  He's gotten used to it now, but it's taken almost three months for him to not avoid the chip (dark spot) in the tub.

This is the Northeast corner of our yard.  We had plans to sink the trampoline here, but instead we built a shed since all the utility lines are right here.

Haylee got a sucker at her school in Orem and she loved it!

Met Sarah Hales and Heather Anderson at Wild Zucchini for dinner!

Love it when I get to paint Haylee's toenails.

Olivia giving Khloee a Stinger ride.

Carter got to perform in the Utah 4th grade program at his new Hidden Hollow school.  It was such a cute production.

Ryan loves all the rocks around the neighborhood.  He grabs handfuls and throws!

Haylee's kindergarten program with her fellow classmates.  So cute.

So excited about her "sweet as chocolate" award.

Haylee has lost two teeth now and she doesn't care for it.  It's so difficult to even brush her teeth when they are loose.

Olivia graduated 6th grade and is headed to Junior High!

Haylee with her helper Lisa (Right) and helper Karen (middle) and teacher, Miss Nicole Dobson.  Nicole was heaven sent with our move to Utah. Haylee loved kindergarten and even got to keep Karen and Nicole as her summer school teachers.

Carter was so excited when he made the Lehi Legacy Center swim team, but after only a week, hated it.  We tried to make Carter stick with finishing the season, but eventually, his daily tears wore me down.  So sad to see him quit something that I know he should love.

Our yard was something to gain control over when we moved in.  I almost went to tearing out lots of the flowers, but I'm so glad I kept this plant because the purple flowers were so fun this spring.  I still don't know what this plan is called.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Let's go with this house!

So we have had quite the experience with buying a home in Utah.  We have seen at least 10 (that I can remember). We have been interested in 3 enough that we put in offers.  The first one was in Lehi and had a pool.  We were one of seven offers in the first 24 hours on that home.  We didn't win it.
The second home (I posted previously) was on Secretariat in Eagle Mountain.  We were under contract on this home for a week or two and were drawn in by the good sized yard and kitchen.  But the lack of storage had me concerned enough that I kept looking to see what else was out there.  When this home on Bristlecone was listed, I knew I had to see it.  Aaron wasn't happy since we were already under contract on the Secretariat home.  But once I told him all about it, he agreed to see it.  We put our offer in the first day it listed for a good amount above asking price since we know how this goes (plus, we were one of many showings that first day).  After waiting it out for a few days and them having another offer, we had to go above that offer and so we did.  We get to close on April 18th and are so excited about it!
These pictures are from the listing.  I knew I had to screen shot them before they disappeared after we went under contract.